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Badass Babes

Badass Babes

The Badass Babes are a sisterhood of women who are determined to carve their own path, on their own terms.
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The Badass Babes (aka BABs) is a sisterhood of young, hungry, ambitious women. Each week I send a (short!) list of provocative conversation starters about the itchy, complicated emotions around wanting The Big Life – that irresistible cocktail of work, passion, respect, money and the relationship. It’s the kind of stuff that you can’t ask your boss—TMI. You can’t ask your friends—other juicy stuff going on. This is a community designed to stoke the ambitions and soothe the fears of a new generation of young women who are determined to carve their own path – on their own terms.

Badass Babes Dinner
Badass Babes Dinner

You’ll see in the early newsletters that the conversation started at my dinner table (dinner may be overselling … it was fancy frozen pizza and many bottles of rosé) and grew from there. Each dinner was a group of about 6 or so, friends of a friend of a friend, who came together to trade notes, offer support and share insider secrets. I called them the Badass Babes because they were the kind of girls anyone would want to be—confident, rule breaking, game changing. The conversations were so revelatory that I wanted to broaden the sisterhood and connect with young women everywhere. And so here we are. The BABs newsletter is like being part of the conversation around my dinner table. Join us! It’s going to be badass!

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Feedback From Your Badass Babes Dinners

“The topics about struggling in New York and what’s been positive were our two most dominant topics. I think overall, the dinner was more therapeutic rather than a juicy breakthrough. There were tears and things did feel very real for all of the dinner guests.”
Rebecca H.

Thank you so much for Skyping in last night. It totally made our night and you were so helpful! We LOVED our dinner and already have a March date on the calendar. I’ve gotten texts from everyone today saying they feel more inspired than they have on a Monday in a long time. THANK YOU!
Leah G.

“My badass babes dinner went very nicely. My friends all seem to be in really positive places, and I think they realized that they are really close to leading their Big Life. I almost felt like the anomaly of still figuring out my path.”
Jaclyn T.

When you have your dinner, I want to know. Make sure to take pictures and tag me on Facebook (ann.shoket), Instagram (annshoket) or Twitter (@annshoket). I’ll share them with my friends and followers so they’re inspired to host their own, and post my favorites here.