Ann Shoket - Speaking to Engage & Celebrate Young Women
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It’s a time of major transformation in the lives of young women.

You’ve always had a vision for a life that means something, that’s ambitious and fulfilling and….big. The best thing about life on your own terms? There is no one clear-cut path. The hard part? There is no one clear-cut path. How do you create the badass life you want when you’re not even sure you know what that looks like or how to get it? You’re not afraid to work hard…but how do you know that work is taking you where you want to go?

Welcome to the Big Life—and it’s not only within your reach; you’re writing the rules. Ann Shoket, who was editor-in-chief of Seventeen for the better part of a decade, and author of THE BIG LIFE, has spent her career championing young women and understands what it takes to find this new paradigm of happiness and success. And in this fun and inspiring session, she’ll show you how to negotiate frustration and fear, tap your ambition, and honor your dreams, so that you can stop dreaming about the big life—and start living it.

Book Shoket to speak about:

  • Find Your Meaning: How to Get The Big Life—On Your Own Terms
  • Millennials: How This Generation Is Revolutionizing What It Means to Be Powerful and Successful in The World—For Everyone. Forever.
  • Women’s Leadership: What We Can All Learn from Millennial Women About Work, Life and Love
  • Media Trends: How to Reach Millennial Women Now

Ann has been a speaker for various organizations, including the Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative, New York Women in Communications, Step Up, S.H.E. Summit, Matrix Awards, Her Campus, Rent the Runway and Levo League.

Speeches & Endorsements

Ann Shoket - Speaker

Yale Women's Leadership Initiative

“Ann was the perfect speaker to kick start our 2015 WE Women conference. Her energy and authentic, experience-derived advice, from how to write a ‘damn good cover letter’ to passion side projects, electrified an early Saturday morning college audience. After her address, Ann’s engaged participation in the rest of the day’s events reinforced her strength as a speaker who truly listens, understands, and inspires millennial women.”

Chloe Siamof, Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative Co-Chair

Ann Shoket - Speaker

S.H.E. Summit

“Ann brings great authority and energy to the stage. She leaves the audience smarter, stronger and inspired by their own possibility.”

Claudia Chan, S.H.E. Summit

Ann Shoket - Speaker

New York Women in Communication

“I know I can always call on Ann for her expertise—she is one of the leading experts on millennial women and the changes afoot in media. What makes her stand out is her ability to connect with her audience–at any age—and tailor the message so it addresses their challenges and fears and propels them to the next level.”

Maria Ungaro, Executive Director of New York Women in Communication

Ann Shoket - Speaker


Joining Forces with First Lady Michelle Obama

Joining Forces with First Lady Michelle Obama

Ann Shoket - Speaker