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Let’s Have Dinner

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I’m launching a new campaign to help women across the country host their own Badass Babes Dinners. The mission is for everyone to leave the dinner feeling like her possibility and her life is bigger than ever!

Each week, I’m Skyping into dinners across the country for a few minutes each to ask the question that I always ask at the beginning of a dinner—If I could solve one problem for you, what would it be?

Feedback From Your Badass Babes Dinners

“The topics about struggling in New York and what’s been positive were our two most dominant topics. I think overall, the dinner was more therapeutic rather than a juicy breakthrough. There were tears and things did feel very real for all of the dinner guests.”
Rebecca H.

Thank you so much for Skyping in last night. It totally made our night and you were so helpful! We LOVED our dinner and already have a March date on the calendar. I’ve gotten texts from everyone today saying they feel more inspired than they have on a Monday in a long time. THANK YOU!
Leah G.

“My badass babes dinner went very nicely. My friends all seem to be in really positive places, and I think they realized that they are really close to leading their Big Life. I almost felt like the anomaly of still figuring out my path.”
Jaclyn T.

When you have your dinner, I want to know. Make sure to take pictures and tag me on Facebook (ann.shoket), Instagram (annshoket) or Twitter (@annshoket). I’ll share them with my friends and followers so they’re inspired to host their own, and post my favorites here.